Rec. Play. - new sound series at Eyebeam

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I'm very excited to see the Rec. Play. sound series happening at Eyebeam. I wanted to write a bit more about it before our next Sound Research group meeting to provide some context. 

I envision the series exploring the current space of sound art, both in the sense of its relationship to its environment as well as the larger role it plays in cultural practice. The first event, the Sound Summit organized by Jackson, is all about encounter over isolation, setting the stage by focusing on sound's inherent resistance to containment by its environment, a theme threaded throughout the series. Event #2 is a an evening series of performances curated by Eyebeam resident Daniel Neumann, exploring generative discoveries in sound. Event  #3 is a co-commission with and ISSUE Project Room, presenting a large scale installation by Eli Kessler in the Eyebeam Project Space. 

For a future event, probably in September, I am working on a RFP for installation of a single sound piece to be housed for four consecutive days within Eyebeam's exhibition space.  I imagine the work to be a genuine interface with the particular aspects of the spatial life of Eyebeam, engaging with the architectural specifics of the exhibition space, resonating a cohabiting with its housing.  

For Oct 17 - 20 and Nov. 14 - 17, we don't have anything planned yet, I am looking forward to discussing these dates in particular with everyone on Tuesday. 


Rec. Play. is a series of events at Eyebeam, held throughout the spring and fall of 2012, exploring current practice in sound art, particularly the relationship of creative sound work art to its environment.

Rec. Play. was developed as an initiative of the Eyebeam Sound Research Group, a platform for critical discussion and collaboration in sound art. 




Hi all--

I have a number of themes to suggest, none of which are necessarily mutually exclusive though they may suggest counterposing aesthetics.  They may also combine with others' ideas.

  . spatialization -- options to showcase, experiment and discuss sound for ambisonics and/or multi-channel systems

  . laptop orchestra -- possibly to facilitate curated sound worlds accessible via a standard OSC interface

  . SuperCollider -- conference/hack-a-thon/performance


Discussion welcome.




I'm proposing a four-day improvisation sound event; for this, the Oct 17-20 dates would be best, because the space would be warmer. This is what I sent to Jackson; we've discussed it -

It looks like there's two four-day openings in the fall; do you think you orRoddy or Marko etc. would be interested in an acoustic event that rancontinuously all four days? What I'm thinking of is a continuous four dayimprovisation, without break; everything would be recorded. I'd ask Chrisand other musicians (you as well) to participate. It would deal with labor,exhaustion, and slowly changing configurations but it would also deal withopen source, the lack of payment for musicians and dancers, etc. It's a kindof 'occupy sound' in concept. For me, it stems back to the records I madefor ESP years ago (Eli just recorded for them btw); there were two sessions,one went for 13 hours and the other for 24, and in the latter of courseamazing things happen towards the end. We'd also play off the fact that thealarm company would have to be called at night etc.

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The event in May - Event #2 - is actually the development and presentation of a collaborative sound installation, and 2 panels. A tentative list of participants include: Gill Arno, Kabir Carter, Sabisha Friedberg, Wolfgang Gil, Seth Kim-Cohen, Daniel Neumann, Michael J. Schumacher, and Byron Westbrook.

A goal prior and during the event is to develop a temporary glossary around topics like: site/non-site; site-specific vs. site-sensitive; acoustic space as divided in real space, artificial space and technical space; collaborative strategies; modular collaboration; the facilitator; background noise; sound in art vs. sound art vs. Klangkunst; sound sculpture vs. sound installation; musical performance; the listener; situation; event; silence; function of frame/framing..

More (or less) after our first meeting :)

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Thanks Daniel, I'm painting in (too) wide swaths at the moment.