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Rec. Play. - new sound series at Eyebeam

image by Alex Tyson

I'm very excited to see the Rec. Play. sound series happening at Eyebeam. I wanted to write a bit more about it before our next Sound Research group meeting to provide some context. 

Spacepod 1: Report

In August I had the opportunity to build the first prototype of the spacepod, a sort of auditory vehicle that defines architectural spaces with sound, and sends the listener flying through them.  I will attempt to describe the concept, the solution we pursued, and what we learned.
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Audio-Haptic Navigation - grab/drop invisible sound

Just came across this project. Seemed relevant to our discussion at last meeting about defining architecture through sound.

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when do i use a wiki-page instead of a blog post?

This is more like a meta-post about how, when & who to create a wiki-page instead of a blog-post? I was thinking about posting about this modular collaboration that I'm planning to initiate, and also sum up my presentation from yesterday. I thought it would maybe be better as a wiki-page instead. But then I wasn't quite clear about the format and if it would be appropriate, and if I would be 'allowed'. Any thoughts? Thanks! Daniel

Acoustic Cloak

Thought this might be interesting.

Meaning is Learned

Seth Kim-Cohen writes in response to an earlier post, "I feel that the big issue for sound practice these days is the question of meaning."

The Why of the What

In one of the breakout group discussions I was particularly struck by a phrase mentioned by one of our members, he was interested in exploring “the why of the what.”

Theory and practice (or the technical aspects of practice) are often seen as separate things in academic study, but as any practicing artist knows they are one and the same, inexorably intertwined and anyone who ignores one over the other does so to their own detriment. 

But, I must admit that I was hit right in the forehead by this innocent question of “why?”

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Great Meeting!

Thanks everyone for coming last night. Please check out the WIKI pages I created on the right and start building your own. Let's keep the momentum rolling... 

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