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Next meeting Monday, Aug. 6, 7-9pm at Eyebeam

Possible discussion topics:

  • 3D scanning with ReconstructMe and 123DCatch
  • Animating a 3D character with a BVH motion-capture file
  • Brainstorming uses for large quantities of free thermal paper's picture

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Rec. Play. - new sound series at Eyebeam

image by Alex Tyson

I'm very excited to see the Rec. Play. sound series happening at Eyebeam. I wanted to write a bit more about it before our next Sound Research group meeting to provide some context. 

Sound Research Summit

Sound Research Summit Participants
David Reeder & Mike Clemow – OSC hub
(David:) I've built a Java based server which functions as an OSC hub, effectively any-to-any or multicast.  Though I interface via SuperCollider, I have also built Max interfaces: a single mxj object for OSCSend or OSCReceive. They have proven to be plug-n-play in a hasty, production environment. I am happy to make any of these freely available.  My library is a wrapper around Sciss' Java OSC implementation.

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Meeting Notes - 12.13.11

Pairing one member of the group with an external respondent - could be a field trip, dinner, discussion, presentations, etc - variable format 

Focus on the early part of research phases of project, not finished work, to get feedback + sharing of knowledge

Once per month? Third Tuesdays

One more meeting off-site with internal group before year is done (drinks! next week

Create a blog - wordpress

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Meeting Notes 11.21.11

Bas Kalmayer Levente Polyak Tahir Hemphill Jamie O'Shea Catharine Mark Nova Taeyoon Brian House Chantal Schoemaker Participatory Urbanism: Crowdsourced maps and public spaces Levente Polyak Questions of visibility Patrick Geddes' Outlook Tower c1910/1920 Citizens viewing the city, control of urban space Otto Neurath - education of public through visualization.
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Alan Sondheim: just some thoughts occasioned by the walk

I was thinking about common threads - always a misrecognition - in relation to the sites we visited. What occurred to me was the relationship between capital and the body, between capital and materiality. The bollards, etc. are objects whose existence is only to deflect or stop other objects; as such, their internal structures are based on resistance. One might think of them as asteroids. What are they protecting? The simulacra of capital, capital flows.

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Excursion I: Financial District

On Thursday, November 10, members of the Urban Research Group took an excursion to three sites/conditions in lower Manhattan.

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meeting notes - 10/25/2011

Excursions -

Alan - performance at Eyebeam. African American Burial Ground near City Hall Park. Business, security, place of rest/mourning/lamentation - monument, low mounds, museum. 1) looking at architecture of power, concentration camp in Poland (Eyebeam project space) 2) looking at monument downtown. Architectures of lamentation. Making private experience public. The hug as smallest space you can make. Hug <> Hut. Pia Lindman (ritualized grief). Theresa Brennan (affect). November/December - afternoon.

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notes from preliminary meeting

A brief history of the group from AMC:

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